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As technology advances, the design of commercial buildings are seeing an elevated implementation of smart automation systems. Gone are the days when owners and managers were forced to manually adjust HVAC systems, lighting, and more. Now, thru automation systems, commercial buildings can be controlled through a variety of means or simply run based on preset schedules without any interaction, allowing owners and managers to focus on their core jobs.

At Automated Lifestyles, we design smart systems to improve functionality and efficiency of any commercial space. Whether a boardroom setting with improved video conferencing technology, lighting, shades, and one-touch presentation solutions to hotels with complete automation solutions for lighting, HVAC, access control, audio/video, etc. we can create an intelligent design customized to any experience
for your commercial space.

Board Rooms, Meeting Spaces, and Schools

Board rooms, meeting spaces, and educational settings can all benefit from the use of smart technology. Through the implementation of an automated system, you can quickly eliminate the technical headaches of old and due to the simplicity of use our platforms, you can say goodbye to lengthy calls to the IT team for assistance. We help clients integrate technology that provides the following:

  • Select the ideal setup of the room for the task at hand with a touch of a button. Through our automation systems, you can seamlessly switch from collaborations to presentations to video conferences with hybrid options in the new normal.
  • Enjoy lighting solutions that createthe perfect atmosphere for any presentation. With the touch of a button the lights dim, the shades in the room lower, the presentation can begin.
  • Modify the backdrop lighting in the room to create the ideal setting for your presentation or conference call.
  • Select which source to display and adjust the volume to the perfect level, all with one touch.
  • Impress your colleagues, partners, and clients with a one-touch solution that dims or changes the lighting and sets the tone of the room with your preferred background music.

Hotels And Multi-Dwelling Units

For hotels and multi-dwelling units, our main goal is to seamlessly interconnect and manage all spaces and customer environments through one integrated system. This system can then be controlled from an onsite thru a variety of options or remotely via a smart phone or tablet.

When you work with our team to integrate an automation system into your hotel or multifamily unit, you’ll enjoy the following benefits and features:

  • The smart integration of systems with SIP-based phones, exterior door stations,motorized gates, and more.
  • The ability to seamlessly manage all aspects of a property from one device.
  • The ability to remotely manage and monitor surveillance systems from anywhere.
  • The installation of smart lighting with automatic day and night response throughout your property.
  • Service alerts when the property or a resident requires attention.
  • Property-wide video intercom communication for staff and residents.
  • In-unit touch screens for easy access to lobby personnel or web-based concierge services.
  • Sophisticated access control that allows you to open gates, give a visitor building access, or receive packages, all with a remote control.
  • One smart, scalable platform that can deliver smart automation throughout the entire property like the lobby, pool, gym, and all other common spaces. Our system can be customized for every residence to match individual homeowner or hotel needs.

Hospitality Industry

For those working in the hospitality industry, it is crucial to keep your property secure and comfortable. With our automated system, you can control lights, temperature, audio/video, teleconferencing, security cameras, and HVAC systems—all from one simple system.

The possibilities of automation for your restaurant or hospitality-focused business are endless. Enjoy all the following when you implement automation into your property:

  • Control a wall of TVs or just one at a time with a single remote or tablet.
  • Change the music in any audio zonefrom anywhere whether onsite or remotely.
  • Use one button to turn off all the lights and a/v systems throughout your property or simply have it all managed from an automated schedule.
  • Receive text alerts for a variety of events
  • Save energy and $$ thru automated HVAC system with advanced efficiency.
  • For meeting rooms, enjoy one-touch presentation set-up and video conferencing.
  • Allow your staff to focus on their specific job description vs. managing all the systems.

Elevate Your Next Commercial Design With
Automated Lifestyles

The future of commercial buildings is automation. Using automation systems,buildings will operate more efficiently, and those managing and/or residing in these buildings will enjoy the benefits of seamless one-touch technology. Say goodbye to the manual processes of old and welcome in the new era of automation.

If you are ready to elevate your commercial space, we are here to help. Automated Lifestyle offers custom solutions designed specifically to your needs.

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