We are proud and excited to announce our newest partnership with Cummins. We will be offering their full line of generators for your residence or business, even your boats and RV's.

We always have our clients best interest at heart with every business decision we make and this time is no different. We have partnered with Cummins to bring you the very best in protection for your home and home automation system. They have a new line of generators with remote monitoring system called Cummins Connect Cloud. This advanced remote monitoring system allows you to control your generator from almost anywhere using your mobile device. See below for more info.

Electricity can’t always be trusted. Bad weather, an aging infrastructure, accidents,animals, and human error are just some of the ways power can go out. In fact, the number of outages nationwide has increased 124% in the past two decades. Here’s how a standby generator works to protect you during an outage.
  1. Standby generators connect directly to a home’s natural gas / LP systems. They are professionally installed for the convenience and safety of the homeowner.
  2. When a power outage occurs, an Automatic Transfer Switch turns the generator on, delivering the precise power your home needs.
  3. When the outage is over, the generator turns off automatically, going into standby mode until the next power outage or exercise period.
  4. Every so often your standby generator will turn itself on to get some “exercise” and perform self-diagnostics to make sure everything is running smoothly.
  5. Simple remote monitoring via a computer or mobile device lets you control your generator and observe its performance from anywhere. It also notifies you and/or your Cummins Dealer if any problems arise.

Potential Costs of a Power Outage

$160 Spoiled Food
$650 Emergency Supplies
$120/ Night Average Hotel Room
$500-$400+ Mold Remediation
$500-$10,000 Flooded Basement Remediation


High-powered engines are designed to provide peace of mind, producing the exact amount of power your home needs at any given moment.
Patented sound technology and an advanced housing design help make these generators some of the quietest in the industry.
The compact size allows for installation close to your home, and the sleek appearance blends into landscape.
Ultra-efficient natural gas or propane-powered engines create more power with less fuel or more environmentally friendly operation.

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